At JJW Watches, we understand the importance of a perfect fit for your Rolex watch. Not only can this optimise comfort whilst wearing your watch but it can also improve security of your watch whilst on your wrist. Our team of Rolex specialist in Warrington are here to provide you with a top-notch link removal service.

Why Choose Us for Your Rolex Link Removal?

1. Experienced Staff: We specialise in retailing pre-owned Rolex watches. We have the expertise and tools to handle bracelet adjustments for oyster bracelets, jubilee bracelets, and presidential bracelets in a range of metals including steel and solid gold.

2. Genuine Rolex Parts: If you require an additional link, or a replacement bracelet screw we can stock or can source only authentic Rolex parts. This ensures that your Rolex watch maintains its integrity, performance, and value.

3. Quick and Convenient Service: We offer fast turnaround times, and can usually do your bracelet adjustment on the spot within 10 minutes. So you can get back to enjoying your day without delay. Visit our store in Stockton Heath, Warrington for same-day service, appointments are required so please give us a call today.

4. Personalised Fit: We can offer advice on how to correctly fit and size your watch. A properly fitted Rolex bracelet not only improves comfort whilst being worn, but also adds to the overall elegance of your watch. A correctly sized bracelet can also prevent any unwanted bracelet stretch.

Our Services

Rolex Link Removal: If your Rolex Oyster or Jubilee bracelet feels too loose, our staff can expertly remove the necessary links to ensure a snug fit and advise on any other adjustment options. We take great care to preserve the original look and balance of your watch.

Rolex Link Addition: For those who may have just bought a pre-owned Rolex and need an extra link in the bracelet. We stock a selection of genuine Rolex links or we can order a new link to our store if we do not have one available. Whether you have the extra links or need us to source them, we are here to help.

Full Rolex Bracelet Inspection: During any adjustment process we will also inspect the bracelet for any loose screws or wearing parts. We can then advise of any required remedial work.

How It Works

  1. Book An Appointment: We work on an appointment only basis for security purposes, so please give us a call on 01925 387118 to book an appointment today.

  2. Visit Our Store: Bring your Rolex watch to our Warrington showroom. Our friendly staff will assist you and perform the link removal or addition while you wait.

Can I Remove A Rolex Link Myself?

Although the process of removing a link sounds simple, its crucial that you do not attempt this yourself unless you are experienced in the process. The screws that are used in Oyster and Jubilee bracelets are very small and without the correct tools the heads of the screws can be damaged easily, potentially resulting in them being stuck in the bracelet permanently. You can also risk scratching the the surrounding metal of the bracelet, if the bracelet is made of solid gold this can be an expensive repair. You can also risk not securing the screws correctly back in the bracelet, meaning they may work themselves loose over time and result in the watch falling off your wrist.

We will always recommend to leave this job to a professional, considering your watches a high value, link removal by a professional is an inexpensive service and you will have peace of mind that your Datejust or Submariner is going to remain securely on your wrist.

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